Sunday, October 25, 2020


Is water wet to fish?

Or it a perspective of us,


What if no other creature, experiences moisture like we do?

Then is water truly wet if we are the only ones who experience wet this way; a tree feeling it's wet roots, an amoeba the wet in it's fingers?

Aliens among us, covid virus mutation, attacking us, does it feel wet in the rain or does it crave wet as we crave dry warm blankets?

So what is wet, we already know the spectrums different animals see in never truly looking out those eyes.

How far is too far to extend what truth is to.

Can we at least accept our fellow man and know no man likes to work out in the rain.

The flies may not feel damp but I do.

We've already poisoned so much water, why build in drizzle, slow down the world and blame it on the weather.  

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