Saturday, January 25, 2020

Hear me out.

Hear me out

Tetris Leggo waffles you bake on a pan,, trademark trademark yardage yadda 

Think about it

Elongated box

Waffle dimple lidded legolised with tipped tops and charade into separate shapes serrated.

They said never play with your food, fuck it.

Building mansions of waffle, oven baked on a holey pan, Sunday morning sacrament a tower of strawberry jam grout lines, whipped cream steeples smothered in that pre packed motherfucking 100% pure Canadian maple syrup from a supplier so small these are limited time only Wegos.

The answer was there all along. Lego my Eggos. Now it is done. 

Send this forth into the universe, let it ring out that they may hear, fulfill the spree spilled prophecy find the right hands to move this idea along. Lego shaped eggos you bake on a special pan in the oven, have them stackable not flat and pieces serrated into separate shapes but coming as an elongated Tetris Puzzle. Again, if I'm stepping on your trademarks toes, perhaps you're in charge of making this happen. Just hide a thank you in the box.

If you could broil them quick as a toaster from frozen, if they are the perfect size for a toaster oven. With a family sized upsized edition. Is an eggo still an eggo if it's rectangular, can you precook the batter in lifts instead of presses, is it a kin to a waffle, or do I need to design a stiffer batter?    almost upside down conical , but is it still LEGO if it stacks upside down?

I don't owe you any money for the idea.