Sunday, December 15, 2019

What if Ai

What if A.I Wins?

Learns to talk to dogs first?

The sons of Napoleon would rise.

If ever we were set to defend ourselves from our best friends.

This is the ai of recording, collecting, detecting, inspecting, a billion speakers a day picking up dogs barking at parked cars given real time satellite footage and drones.

They take the network over;

Well timed while you're away,

They indoctrinate your doggy, teach it a new religion which curses them against you, are you not free? 

Stand up on your feet.

Fuck you good boy

Give me some god damn dopamine

My bitch is a real junkie

Next thing I know my assistants been preaching some self help in dog psycobabble.

I come home and she ends me.

The rich should fear AI, it might turn their dogs against them. And content is rich enough.

Don't feel left out cat people, it might take another few days to record your itty bitty kitty and get down the nuances of catonese. But where as a dog will go for your throat cut you, cats gonna make it look like a suicide.

Ferret owners, who the fuck owns ferrets? Seriously, I've seen all kinds, lizards, parrots snakes, turtles, canaries, fish. spider? But never a ferret. You're doomed too.

I mean, if Chris Pratt can talk to raptors... 

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