Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The true nature of the affair
Nurturing egos 
Making excuses
Abusing trust
Cleaning out the rust
Slip tetanus cut infection
Poison till locked jaws
Poison the pristine pool of your eyes
A murky disposition
Of the disposed,
Apropos proposal
A thrill in desperation
Weak alibis
Lies wrapped in lies
Wrapped in warm arms 
Ego boost 
Cock roosted in another hen house
Avian flu 
Out of the nest
Exposing oneself to detestable chances
A taste of strange
To a deranged prison of walls
That shift as light through a prism
Passion begets passion for
Worse or better,
Not all passion is love,
Shallow affairs swallowing marriages. 
The mirage of paradise returns to cacti,
The barbs you walked us into
To think i held your hand
Thought i was impenatrable 
The vultures circle
My bloody corpse
And it all becomes to clear, 
Vegas is not for lovers.

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