Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lives matter

White people generally speaking are not shot for traffic violations. The problem of American racism and profiling is it is easier to kill something you have dehumanized. By devaluing one person compared to another, not realizing they have parents, children, siblings, hopes and dreams, but treating them as an animal, you open a door to abuses to justice and fairness, which generally are not suffered by the middle class white population. BLM is not debating whether one life matters more then another, only fighting to find justice for the inordinate amount of dehumanization by police and society. Every movement has its zealots that lose focus on the original message once it gains traction, but put yourself in the shoes of those being persecuted, even murdered, and you'll understand that it's not about you. Rather then support the mildly racist sentiment of 'all lives matter' spouted by the white right, consider why and where these people are coming from, the terror of knowing that simply being a different colour can make you a target. If gingers were being murdered by police for infractions that would generally get a fine, and getting away with it, you may wish to remind the world that your life matters as well. It's not playing a childish race card, it's a fight for a peaceful survival.

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