Friday, February 19, 2016

The Granted

I make no allusion to your struggles, I merely stated you had opportunity's that can't be worked for, you're a Canadian white boy with a loving family who has never faced the ravages of war, never known the devastation of poverty, never lived with confusions of sexuality (presumably). I'm in the same boat, yes, we've had to work hard to carve a niche in society, to become the men we are today, but we haven't carried the weight of a turban on our head or seen our family demolished by war, never had to fear the catcalls or the footfall of police or had the government break down our doors. All this bs about the teachings of one prophet or another, have been used, misconstrued and demonstrably exercised as truths to excise as excuses for uses of violence against a fellow man. Implying and stating may stand in a trial, or on a stage, but on a page, the written word is scribed to imbibe imagery, don't think that the difference between what you said and I read is imaginary. When any person wakes up in the morning, they are expected to behave, why enslave the ideal of western or eastern culture to be superior. I can look at the attacks, but you have to look at the facts that that is a small percent of the population, that seems to grow generation to generation as the warm machine churns out disenfranchised orphans who will buy into credos of hate because it's the only way they feel they can relate to the madness around them. To love is to know God, whether he exists or not.

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