Friday, November 20, 2015

Mali vs France

Yep, had to google, just to find it on a map, turns out they also have a flag. Another interesting fact, Timbuktu is there. You can see how a random African nation may not hit as close to home as streets you have walked down and cosmopolitan people you can relate to. In Mali, it was foreigners under siege, and of such varying backgrounds that no flag could symbolize the pain. Social media is an interesting quagmire of fronted apathy and full on baloney, KONY 2012, anybody? Really I'm just here to find out who is racist, and shun them for pleading Christianity while being ass wipes of humanity, the shitty ones. In two  years, two months, the dialogue will shift, the new tragedy will befall, anyone still remember the crazy asshole in Norway that killed all those folks? Or was it Sweden? Was he a terrorist, musn't be, didn't look Muslim to me... You see, how easily tragedy turns to apathy and given time can be humorous even as the tombstones still stand separating us living from our dead. So feed the fire, poke the left wing and the right wing bearers of fiery torches, burning their indignities, branding radically, railing against what they don't like, or come join me, balancing the middle way, not giving a fuck what anyone says, cause we're all just breathing poop machines till we fail to be so live lovely fast and vicariously, viciously defending the fact that you can feel more at ease identifying with one casualty where another slips by, you don't mourn every funeral at the parlour, only those that effect you, so you can't expect your base population of friends to know where Mogadishu starts and Beirut ends. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay cynical my friend.

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