Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Psychos with Guns and God

I believe the choice between good and evil need not be dictated by an ethereal scape goat, but rests on each of our shoulders. By taking responsibility for putting out that which we would wish to receive, only then can we take control of our own destinies instead of handing them off to a blind faith that assures us we are corrupt by nature. While I do appreciate many here will disagree with these sentiments, I would remind them that religion would place blame on the devil, which in a monotheistic religion is also of God, where as in my point of view, a flawed individual did a horrible thing, and should be held to account for it, even if his body has passed, his name is besmirched to the history of humanity, the only scale which we can ever truly measure our achievements in life. Live, love and leave beautiful memories, this is the only life, the heaven or hell you carry within, find a middle path, find contentment.

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