Friday, November 20, 2015

Mali vs France

Yep, had to google, just to find it on a map, turns out they also have a flag. Another interesting fact, Timbuktu is there. You can see how a random African nation may not hit as close to home as streets you have walked down and cosmopolitan people you can relate to. In Mali, it was foreigners under siege, and of such varying backgrounds that no flag could symbolize the pain. Social media is an interesting quagmire of fronted apathy and full on baloney, KONY 2012, anybody? Really I'm just here to find out who is racist, and shun them for pleading Christianity while being ass wipes of humanity, the shitty ones. In two  years, two months, the dialogue will shift, the new tragedy will befall, anyone still remember the crazy asshole in Norway that killed all those folks? Or was it Sweden? Was he a terrorist, musn't be, didn't look Muslim to me... You see, how easily tragedy turns to apathy and given time can be humorous even as the tombstones still stand separating us living from our dead. So feed the fire, poke the left wing and the right wing bearers of fiery torches, burning their indignities, branding radically, railing against what they don't like, or come join me, balancing the middle way, not giving a fuck what anyone says, cause we're all just breathing poop machines till we fail to be so live lovely fast and vicariously, viciously defending the fact that you can feel more at ease identifying with one casualty where another slips by, you don't mourn every funeral at the parlour, only those that effect you, so you can't expect your base population of friends to know where Mogadishu starts and Beirut ends. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay cynical my friend.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Psychos with Guns and God

I believe the choice between good and evil need not be dictated by an ethereal scape goat, but rests on each of our shoulders. By taking responsibility for putting out that which we would wish to receive, only then can we take control of our own destinies instead of handing them off to a blind faith that assures us we are corrupt by nature. While I do appreciate many here will disagree with these sentiments, I would remind them that religion would place blame on the devil, which in a monotheistic religion is also of God, where as in my point of view, a flawed individual did a horrible thing, and should be held to account for it, even if his body has passed, his name is besmirched to the history of humanity, the only scale which we can ever truly measure our achievements in life. Live, love and leave beautiful memories, this is the only life, the heaven or hell you carry within, find a middle path, find contentment.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friendly Chatter

Check out this Track if you can, I believe Fweee Download as well on

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There Are Some Worse Than Others

This Is Dedicated to the Angel of Death....

These Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Diseaseas,
Worse then the Mensua', when you eat brain….
Well Jolly I'M... I’M, teasing….
Worse then when you yell trriippiiaaaaa., I’M hinting.,
Subliminally Thinking... 

I got this Cutco Knife, I’ve been meaning to scythe…
I’M irking to break freely….

On my marble counter top, it’s dripping with, Amway products, need be 
it re-used, need it re-duced, need it be recycled….

Plant’s all around us, what then Michael Myers?
If I jaggulated you, 
you would just look at me, turn your head, and 
actually speak to me and as if I looked in the mirror 
you'd say.... 
"B__tch., I locked you in the thread of sin.,
I have your costume of death now.,
Time to slither the outcomes of what’s the Chet now.,"
but If you and I are the same.... 

I need to re-assume prowess in my savoir faire
Meaning now to buy…
Errthing in siteee.....
‘Everything on the land of the land is tight now, so.... 
so will I
Sow my everything eyes shut, just to see the bullets wizzz by,
See my Darthmorth Waterloo glide…

Saint John’s
Silver arrow penetrates through solid brick golds of cows 
that wanna die in vain of their future’s sake… 
You wanna meeat Saint Mathew I say in thread,
As he threads to the, Ay to the l ‘
Yell me a another *ing hey tell…

Andrea Chub-A-Dub Marmellaid’jam,
I hope her Mom’s don’t get mad I turned her to
Triple five soul… cause her soul was mightier 
then Adelle’s
thart to freedom... 
Effortlessly have to have left my, 
left my wife behind, to a future I don’t know what

Hell of a type of a, monster concave, 
effortlessly what style of a 
kinda of a, pandoras box may or may 
not be inside
back in N.Y.C.

I heard in netherworlds online, they still got 
real gunners being empirical…
Thrillions dollar squad critical
I miss that PS3, I miss that may-madness, but all of my
 brothers have shattered glasses….

Forreal thought...
 IT, like Stephen King yoOoo... 
gotta band wagon of supposed heroes
Went away from another home country
To a main country
That I still really love.... 
Where there are folks
that for no reason....
 hate me,
They statewake and make fucking laws agaisn’t me,
They try to bring me down with the cross that buried me…
I have symbols in my arms, and my Mom rest in soul restfully

Plsams 19:19
I thank God, Ch3t hasn’t yet baked me….
I thank God, Baker hasen’t yet Chetted’me…
I thank God, Ch3t hasn’t yet baked me….
I thank God, Baker hasen’t yet Chetted’me…
End of Psalms...

Bake on my side telling me Hello, I’M here for 
services, where’s the next tournie.,

I drink down the blood of the pure, drink down the blood 
of what werewas true northern blue wihited
 flag, I never seen racism of this kind still outlast,
And the kids go hungry forever
I say I never went on a Sunday on pslam day 
who wan’ts a piece of the universe today?
I break another fast while drinking a little water to taste like
 soil, those blood diamonds wont cure themselves on their own.

I break another fast while drinking a little water to taste like
 soil, those blood 
diamonds wont cure themselves on their own.

I break another fast while drinking a little water to taste like soil, those 
blood diamonds won't cure
 themselves on their own.

Chet Baker, You Angel.... Saint of Death and Tormentuous Delivery, 
deliver my soul from sin… I believe in everything righteous.. 
Through the gates of hell… Come on Dude, let me in…..

Tis A Fix.... 

Miss my Lady... 

Chet.. I'M at odds bro, 

For HEavens sake... Favor me... 

Favour my wife...

We need all the help 

we can get bro... 

And while some look at you and

say let's go Mets!! 

I look at you and say where 

have we whence??? 

I love...


(To see you and your Mom on a 
Cross was heavy bro.... )

Dio n Ruthy...