Friday, June 6, 2014

D day

For those who went in
Blind and wet
Bravely into
Machine gun jaws 

Innocent blood in the water
Serving nothing
But wars carrion appetite,
Boys against boys
On officers orders.

For those who never celebrated 
The fall of Hitler,
Who never would know
Their painful death
Was not in vain. 

Being sent to the shores of death
Never making it to the sand
A shield for those sons
Who would return home again.

This is a thank you
You can never read,
Never understand what it means
To millions like me
Whom your sacrifice saved.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hipsterer than thou.

Shave your dirty hipster beard.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Life has prepared me,
For this moment
With a brand new little life 
In my hands.

There is no manual
There is day to day
Trial and error
The pair of us foraging a path
Which we hope
Will lead to contentment.

So new
Sleeping silently
On a pedestal in our hearts

Monday, April 14, 2014

For my Mom on her 24th 26th birthday

To say you turn 26 today
Negates the last 24
In the first 26, you may have had lots of fun,
But in these latter, you've done so much more.

Sure it might have been joyous, 
Reckless and thrilling, a whole ton of fun, but was it as fulfilling?
As raising three children
Who call you their own,
Whom you repaired and prepared
For a life of their own.
Though they may have been a hassle, while in your castle, always at war against the throne, it may have felt spiteful, and wasn't delightful, but it gave them all solid backbones.
Now they are grown and out of the nest and married having kids of their own, it is easy to see since your mid twenties how your love and your life have grown.
It is fanciful sure to be trapped Dorian Gray, in the shell of a well suited yesterday, but to put a brave face and except age with grace and the wisdom it implies, not to disguise it or feel disgust, but to proclaim it with pomp and thrust.
I'm 50! I'm 50 and I'm looking damn good, half a century old and sharp as a whip. My times not been wasted, I've had good times and bad, but I wouldn't trade one for another I've had, because each was a building block which brought me here, with the friends that I'll keep and my family I hold dear. It's a badge of honour and a tribute to luck, I'm 50, I'm 50 and I don't give a f@€#.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Neutral observation doesn't exist. It is very hard to tread the edge of the coin. 

Your best option is to study as many sides of history as possible and formulate your own theories which will in turn be biased by your own environment, morals and values. 

You will find most evil in history was based on good intentions, that the biggest lies ever propagated have been done so to benefit the wealthy and powerful. 

Science tries to be a neutral ground for providing answers in regards to natural history, but is contaminated by the fact their is no control subject (neutral) upon which things can be compared. 

Unfortunately with over a trillion lives lived and lost on this tiny blue marble, only a relatively small few stories have made it to today's 7 billion inhabitants. 

We are lucky to have the freedom in our society to know there are two sides to every story, in some countries, and even some religions, the idea of there being a truth other then the one dictated causes anger, ridicule and may even result in imprisonment, torture and death. 

Ignorance is not just not knowing about something, it can also be choosing to ignore the other side of the coin, being so trapped in the one dimension of your own vision that you believe their can be no other way to see it.

 Even modern history which we have lived through is full of half truths dictated depending on which side of the aisle one sits, and you would hope that every one has the best intentions in mind when presenting, but truth will always be bent to better suit the audiences appetite to be right. 

The things you like to read will generally be in agreement  with your preformed  ideals, and you will choose to disbelieve anything that does not conform to said ideals, but on the other side of the aisle the spectrum reverses. 

There is a middle ground, a middle way, a path which lacks emotional attachment to what is right and wrong, however it also lacks the passion and pain that we associate with humanity. 

The truth is. It exists, but it lay in cold hard facts devoid of opinion.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

To the moon


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Balancing Melting Snow

Some how it had all come together, and he was trying his damnedest not to think about its fragility. His self destructive nature had been so quelled for so long, he dreaded it rearing its ugly head and blowing over his house of cards. Winter was upon him, with all his short comings he was worried if he could make it to spring, trying to quell the fears with hope, knowing full well the fire depression feeds. 
His one comfort was he was not an island alone, he had her, a golden bridge to saner shores, even in his darkest moments he could summon the light of her nature to cast out the shadows in the scarred corners of his soul. 
In the spring, they would embark on the greatest journey of their lives, a trek which would lead them to their greatest joys and deepest sorrows, that would leave them empty and fulfill them more then anything they had ever known.
As he sat drinking coffee while the cold December snow fell gracefully outside his window, he anticipated the journey, but feared his lack of planning. He knew on the road he could be wolffish , greedy in pursuit of his own desires, a character flaw as opposed to malicious hedonism, yet he knew the compromises to come would be some of the hardest to accept he had ever encountered, with human life hanging in the balance. His desires could be put on the back burner, but his moral compass would have to stay rigid and determined. 
They would have to find a balance between ideals and reality, fiscal responsibility and ability to adapt. How to approach god and death and sex, the normal and unexplainable. The insane to the mundane, Monday to Sunday, 365  days a year end on end.
As he finished his coffee, he noted how far he had already come on his journey, and realized with her, he could go farther then he would allow himself to dream.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Cracking bones
Wind shakes 
The ice covered branches
All give
Till it's to much to take
The branch falls to the ground
Taking out those in its way.

margaret elizabeth steer

green grass and chocolate labs,
stables and the styes,
country side,
even cowgirls get the blues,
one wild child,
golden memories,
unchained mare running free,
pastures in the sky,
we love you.