Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I see you outside,
and frankly,
you and I have so
much in common...
(for my own personal
reasons I hated / disliked
cats...Like waking up
 with one in yourface
inside a shack, with no
AC in
the Dominican Republic,
and its hissing at you,
and your like 6 years old)

Your quite stroll,
your sheek look...
(which I admire from you
Actually...A pacefilled stroll..)

More importantly,

we both like carnitas' from
we appreciate a good bath...
have seemingly long canines,
(ofcourse yours are just that
much more)

almost all' hand given gestures
like, receiving food, getting hair cuts,
getting picked up'
(like in a car, you get me)


Come on guys, stop shooting the local
cat with random shots of bbguns...
(save it for the rodents, I think)

mine was brutinized' by something similar...
(got her at the local aspca, it was like
picking up a pizza)

she's got her issues.. I think by now
I think she knows...

And we still have things in common...