Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Broken Libra Scales

The scales tip
To much weight
Thrown around,
Excitement and frustration

Trying to balance
Till some one presses 
And won't let off,
And I snap
Trying to gain back control.

Overfilled with emotions
The chains of polity and clarity 
Crack under the pressure,
The kinder, gentler me drops
The wrath in me
Takes control.

In simpler times
I could just let it go
Under calmer skies
It would blow past,
But instead an eruption of fury
To make up for the worries I mask,
A spiteful tirade
To hide the uncertainty
In the plans I have made.

And as I calm
Find my center
Mend my own chains,
I hear nothing but silence
Bitter angry silence
From the instigator and victim
Laying inches away.

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