Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Driving the pace

A beautiful day broken
By the heavy foot
Of the pushed too far,
A driver, a passenger 
On a highway
Where one is afraid to drive
And one is just bored.

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Broken Libra Scales

The scales tip
To much weight
Thrown around,
Excitement and frustration

Trying to balance
Till some one presses 
And won't let off,
And I snap
Trying to gain back control.

Overfilled with emotions
The chains of polity and clarity 
Crack under the pressure,
The kinder, gentler me drops
The wrath in me
Takes control.

In simpler times
I could just let it go
Under calmer skies
It would blow past,
But instead an eruption of fury
To make up for the worries I mask,
A spiteful tirade
To hide the uncertainty
In the plans I have made.

And as I calm
Find my center
Mend my own chains,
I hear nothing but silence
Bitter angry silence
From the instigator and victim
Laying inches away.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Letter to my son or daughter

Tell her everything,
tell her your faults,
your flaws,
your hopes,
dreams and desires.

Be open,
you can't change what you've done, who you are
or what you hope to become.

It will give her two choices at that point. To accept you,
as you,
or to move on.

But if you aren't fair
and honest with her
now at this crux,
it will always weigh on you.

Give her the truth,
if it is meant to be,
it will be,
if not,
then at least you know you we're honest with yourself.

If you ever get to the point where you are holding her hand,
looking in her eyes,
saying for rich or for poor,
in sickness and in health,
you don't want skeletons dancing in your mind as you say
'I do'.

I know you love her and will forever,
even if things don't work out,
you will cherish the time which you spent together.

It will all be fine.

Monday, July 15, 2013


All these thoughts
Clips of a decent
Into madness
Teetering on the rim of sanity

To many nights
Left alone in the head
Tossing and turning
In an empty bed
Bleeding in drip drop fashion
Passion spurts
Ferocious and fleeting
Juxtaposing the patient beat
Of the heart

We are

Have not
Knots in the stomach
Writhing in pain
Plain sight
Hiding on the open forums

Page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page

Meet me where the punch line is the subject is the title is my poem where I hide what I feel in what I feel I can reveal to steal a glance into the mad sadness coursing through my veins to my brains to my finger lingering between keys, trying to explain the unexplainable in the art of me.

The worst
Dredging out fledgling feelings
Somewhere in subtext
You'll find every answer
You choose to find,
Chameleon phrasing
In plane sight.

Wanderful Life

That sinking feeling you get
Bound to head down the road again.
Like my old dog dying
With the prospect of a puppy
 in my head.

The Stranger

When the stranger comes
To town
Nothing to do but walk around
Things better left unsaid
And offer a couch as a bed.

When the stranger speaks,
Answer in cliches;
Avoid the doeful stare
And the awful truth in your heart,
Where pity and compassion meet.
Where resentment and disgust
Meet silence.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ohh Quick Endeavor,

Ohhh, How
I Bleed..,