Thursday, March 21, 2013

Letter to a Lesbian in Hicksville

Picture yourself in a brick wall room
with a window.
The walls are ignorance.

You can push all you want,
but they will still be walls,
intolerant and not understanding,
the more you push them,
the more you will find yourself frustrated. The window is the Internet,
you can stare at it and see the world evolve around you,
you can call for help,
ask advice,
but for now you are still trapped in the room.

There are two ways to escape.

You can feel sorry for yourself sitting in the room,
eventually the floor will crumble,
and a long hard dig awaits you,
you can save your money and concentrate on your education,
when the time is right you will see the door,
you will be able to walk out of the room and into the world outside those brick walls.
I can't tell you there are not more brick walls out there,
but they are crumbling,
they'll be easier to spot and avoid.

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