Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Broke Down

Broke down
The radio goes silent
Battery low
The lights begin to flicker
Then the brakes go
Dead speedometer 
The steering fails 
The engine dies.
Coast to a dead stop
Out of control.
Locked in.

Tow me
To a better place
Out of the cold.

Take me to the greasy spoon
To while away the day
Well I should be working.
Fill me full of coffee breakfast
Give my aching back a rest.

Perched, poached
Another roach under drop ceiling tiles
Loitering patiently
Waiting for someone to fix me
So I can get back on the road.

A day like any other
Only broken in routine,
Broken eggs and bacon
A cure to this disease.

Broken down
In Limbo
Somewhere out of time
Where the pixie flits gracefully
Among the male patrons
Pouring coffee and shilling BLTs
Singing with the radio
Knowing names and orders,
Exhausted and refreshed in every familiar face.

I'm a stranger here,
Yet it feels like a place I've always known
A dime a dozen and one in a million.

Minutes pass like dollars
That will pass through my hand,
Every time stability feels close
The scales tip again
I'm thrown off.

Yet the continuing faith
It will all be fine,
As naive as Voltaire 
Carving mountains into molehills.

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