Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The writer

Lauded by the critics
Award after award
Living of the winnings
All the fame literation affords.
Paid to speak at schools
And paid to read to crowds
His verses well rehearsed
Sentiments echoed across the crowd.
His editor and publicist,
Each taking their own cut,
Relying on his every word
To feed them in the rut.
Iron jawed best seller
With a golden tongue to boot
He could turn the crowd from tears to laughter and push a soul from birth to the great thereafter,
They would fill the room
To the rafters.
Snubbed jealously by other word crafters,
By the close minded and the dafter.
Till one day he met a little beatnik
A little slam that shook him
Took him out of his head
And he saw his own style a constraint.
He had sold his soul
To be great,
Catered to the creatures
Whose only critisism was,
Not enough punch lines and cliffhangers.

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