Sunday, August 19, 2012

The count down is on.

The count down is on.
Down to days
Spit polishing the venue
Need to spit polish my ways.
Been to lazy in
Cleaning up my dirty habits
Need to grab my socks and pull
Put down the smokes
Which poke at my soul,
Reminding me how fragile
My will can be.
I need a cleaner happier me
Freed from the poisoned weeds
Unstrained by the chain of
An excuse that keeps pulling me down.
Need to get out of my cycle
Circle spinning certain
As the ring goes round,
Give up now for eternity
Silence the evil yearn in me
To suck another stick down.
Brown teeth and a poison spit
Cough up the flem
Till I can't stand the taste of it
Baste my buds with
A sweeter fruit,
Maybe apples.
The count down is on
To keep a promise I made;
To make a promise I'll keep
Till I'm six foot deep.

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