Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Greed of Infamy

The greed of infamy
As the  scavenger media
Drags fresh carrion into spotlights.
Well geniuses suffer fame
The ignorant and weak
Are so desperate for affection
They do unspeakable things.
In a high school world
Of popularity contests
People believing to be known
Is better then to be loved.
Shoving the envelop
Blood drenched parcel, 
In a culture full of deranged strangers with illusions of grandeur,
Encouraged by cultism.
Victims trapped
Attacked by egotist supremacists,
Cysts of a society on the catalyst
Of devastation 
If we continue to feed scum
The attention they crave.
Apprehended and given grand jury
When they should be taken out
The back door and shot.
What need for fair trial
When the perpetrators guile
Is sociopathic pathetic pleas
For cameras and headlines.
Dissecting the causes
Flawed individuals premeditating
How to become world famous,
Glorified defying all logic
Deaf to the cries of the dying.
Bereft of understanding 
the dying know no pain,
But the void of the lost
Can never be filled again.
The living suffer the circus
As the hyena plays its game
Laughing madly in the camera
Flash bulb burnout.
Every one too exceptional
For the common sense
This is a warning about no one,
To those who would seek
Infamy over fame,
Reputation is a tattoo nothing can erase.

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