Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is love, dear?

The man turned to his lady and questioned, "What, dear, is love?"

            "I don't know," she replied. "I should suppose it has to do with chemical reactions, fate and timing. Theirs has to be a fair share between laughter and despair. Theirs must be the chaos of two burning hearts poured forth into one beautiful, shared idea.  Certainly one would require both respect for others and themselves. Trust would be another keystone forming their ideals of love. In no case whatsoever can a relationship grow anything but sour over undisclosed perversions, submitted feelings and withheld inclinations. Verily, more then all this I believe love must be believed in, in order to be ascertained. Surely if either party cannot believe in the splendor of love, it would die like a greek god, believed only to be a myth that old ladies whisper of well celebrating decades of union. It seems as time progresses, as well as the lives living said time, there seems to be clutters of ill informed information. "Love is dead," seems so callous and disregarding to the human condition, and yet when it is spoke and repeated and believed, it becomes as real as love could have been. Unfortunate it is for those who are so afraid of the concept of love that when it comes to them, they are so afraid of it's pain that they cannot except the wonderful passion, hope and beauty which it can inspire.  And as to those who have fell victim to false hope and promises, who feel cheated by there emotions, one can only pity that they are so trapped inside the past that they cannot except a future, no matter how superior or changed from their last encounter. Furthermore common interests play an important role in the shaping of a relationship. If partners can't form compromise or share opinions then the relationship may develop into a bland ménage of quiet waiting and sudden outbursts; whereas those who have similar interests and ideas may find themselves lost in conversation for years. Lastly, and most importantly, is communication. For a truly successful love to develop, communication must be truly free and honest, no secrets hid and nothing worth hiding. No judgements….

            He turned away. 

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