Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Mr. Zimmerman

Hey bob Dylan 
I feel your pain 
This modern world
 Can really be pain 
And the hours we sweat
 To the dollar we make
 Natures gift
Is all society takes 
Bends it whim and will 
Through the modern age

Hey bob Dylan 
I'm singing your song
 Because nostalgia is the only thing 
Saving our souls 
Now they know everything 
About you and me.
But they can't see the souls the encapture 
With greed 
It is built to big for us defend ourselves

Hey bob Dylan
 They have posters of you
 And movies 
And billboards 
And famous dead people
 Have posters too 
In the subway cars streets and bar 
And stores 
We can't help but to want more.

Hey bob Dylan
 The cause is to far away 
The cure has but silent words.
The greatest trick 
The devil ever pulled
Was making them think
 He didn't exist 
I'm not a Christian 
But I realize the real meaning of this.

Hey bob Dylan
 I'm lost you know 
My Estella was Ice 
Carrying old flames.
I offered her my insolence 
And I deserve her scorn.
 Come in she said 
I'll give you
Shelter from the storm.

Hey bob Dylan
 I can't play guitar 
And my harmonica and me
 Can't hold a tune.
Say hi to Guthrie and lead belly, 
Lennon and Cash 
And Dylan Thomas to. 
I could only hope 
To inspire 
One of you. 

Hey bob Dylan
 Is what we have 
Really worth saving 
The pictures in dust 
And the CDs rust
 Our world is Biodegrading.
 Will my debts have me hung,
In an economy 
that's always failing, 
In these times of change?

Hey bob Dylan
 The ice bergs melting 
Add fresh water to the ocean 
Lowering its total toxicity
 And we cant put our faith 
In what we know 
Can destroy us.
I do not feel that good
When I see it around me 
And realize 
We're the disease.

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