Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Friend

We used to sit out
For hours
After the lawn was done,
Talking about warplanes
And raccoons and cars.

A cup of tea
And a donut
A stockpiled kitchen
And a smile

Lottery tickets and the tinge of smoke
Layered on everything
From years of being to old
To change.

There in the musty kitchen
Court TV and
Condensed milk steeped tea
Dads oatmeal cookies.

You loved animals
Hated the neighbor
Quit smoking and handed me
The final pack.

When his wife passed
He remembered their youth
Fishing out in boats

When he lost his license
I knew his days were numbered

Knocking on the door
Bill's not here anymore
Resting in peace
I hope.

Please visit, thanks.

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