Friday, May 25, 2012


You've been stressed up
Dressed up to nines
Messed up by lines in sand
Crushed broken shattered
Holding hands.
Let go.
Don't let the scars affect the blood flow
Don't be a clot, don't stop
Everything in your being
Will try to stop you from bleeding
But your heart beating
Pour faster
Braced for disaster
House of cards windstorm warning
Get out of the way of the run away
Train storming through your veins
Vain attempts at sanity
Planting feet greedily
You need compassion
Accept you're needy
But don't hold on to anchors sinking
Drown down *ed around
The smiles and laughter
Over the surround sound
As the eyes that love you most can
Easily tear holes through
Your skin,
Have to know when to let it out
How to let it in.
The world gushes and rolls
We are stuck to Teutonic flows
Pulled apart and smushed up daily,,
Railed by the stale disposition
Our own decisions carve incisions
Through space and time
And the time we share
Can't compare to the time apart
Broken heart fist plaster walls
Tumbling madly the sanity falls
By the wayside
And we get stuck
Trapped within
With our fears laughing madly
At us
And the justice we seek to
Speak of
Reeks of entitlement
Like we're owed a steady flow of
Happiness from the world
Like we should be able to govern it.
But no,
We've been raised on idle TV
Idly buying into idols
And philosophies that success is guaranteed, taking for granted we can get all we need.
But every seed planted doesn't grow
Harnessed by our environment
By the lack of opportunity
If not the lack of trying
Lying to ourselves to say we're not lazy
Dreaming of pushing daisies to skip the denumont,
A climax unforseeable
Not able to relax and agree
That it is better to be then not
Trot horse blinder caught in the race
The chase
To put value to faces and
Come up cherubim aces
Laced with all our
Frustrations that won't
Ever go away
Until we let go.
Let it flow
Cry honestly,

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