Thursday, April 5, 2012


Pleeeease son
This shit be easy peasy
Enough to please ya,
No squeeze and all lemon aid
Being paid my dollars(literal 10)
To teach seniors how to scrawl with the mouse keyboard and all

I'm making no money,
Be ad words
Not ad sense,
Not paying bills
Just thrilling it up in rankings
Hell who knows how many click accidental
Odds favor the more eyes
The more one might savour the sight
Kids going bored to bed every night
Hitting a hundred eyes in Ukraine
Who wouldn't crane their necks to see
If I walked down the street,
Don't be beat down
Trod on
You got more promise then I got truth
I ain't feeding lines like Don Juan
Telling truths like the big one,
Funny you think we're making cake money,
There ain't no icing
We be licking dry batters
In wife beaters
Setting it out hoping the world will see us
Make it half way
Playing with words
Blurting absurd
Making no money, funny we bother
But my brother see, it is
Funk and funny to be
In these times
Where we can bust out lines to make a stranger smirk,
On another continent and be content
Even if we can't prove any one is reading it.

Study hard, discard your doubts
You'll be the better batter
When we've all struck out,
Sticking necks out
Whether hit on or shit on
The world spins round,
You can do it, see through it.

P.S. if you want a free ebook, click ebook above, open one, download it
Do what you please, check out
For music, check out
For art, welcome to discussions, repercussions
From the heart.

Please visit, thanks.

On 2012-04-05, at 9:45 PM, Dios Astro wrote:

yoO guys no how to rock this ad sense thing so hard,

it makes me wanna just go and go sleep xD

i guess it must be the hard work,

i'mm a have to check the google ad joint


and as for the chinchilla.. well.. a friend

told me about it, and then i heard a song

there, with a boast about the chinchilla flubber


jeez i don't know whether to laugh my ass

off or throw up..

i'm not as ad savvy as ya'll gentlemen, so

all i could do for now is sit here and watch

ya'll play until i could get savier...

i guess the old saying was when your

friends can, especially over you,

especially when its good for you, and

you don't really know how, then.. well..

six pense(pensative) non the richer


100 bones flyin' my way

sounds nice, but, hearing about ya'll

making some cake money on it,

sounds fucking fantastic!!


On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 2:11 PM, monkman. wrote:
We are all generally ignored, all we have to do is what we do. Just love life and post when we can.
Eli is on to something. And it works. Pretty cool too.

I'm going to follow that advice and try it out.

I'm still rocking maintence on the site. ( custom donate button for eli's ebook page and bleed poetry. )

About to promote a bunch of things for the music and code everything.
While trying to find a job, without crumbling and sweating pounds.

Just have fun with it.

send us the flash animation when your finished :)

Sign up for google ad words with email address
Go half way, don't buy anything
Walk away
Wait till 100$ cred comes your way.
Phone them for setup help, or read carefully and do it yourself.

Much love,

Dinner's on.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Eli Thomson wrote:
YoOo Diooo,

Don't be disgruntled
I advertised,
With free cred
Got another lined up.
Besides in the stats,
It's your shit eaten like candy, tootsie roll
I'm generally ignored.
First impressions of the site
Are monkmans five
And your chinchilla pop.
Post up in non neg and I'll send some google ad
Your way. And tell you how. Can't wait to see your creation
Wish flash worked on iOS phone work station.
Much love brothers,

Sign up for google ad words with email address
Go half way, don't buy anything
Walk away
Wait till 100$ cred comes your way.
Phone them for setup help, or read carefully and do it yourself.

Please visit, thanks.

On 2012-04-02, at 11:36 PM, Dios Astro wrote:


damn auto shit...


it's kinda fucked up yoOo!!


gets all the goodies yoOoo


On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 11:35 PM, Dios Astro wrote:


it's kinda fucked up you


gets all the goodies yoo


On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 11:43 AM, monkman. wrote:
Hey E,

Have you seen your growing stats?
Please tell me your tricks to directing that traffic!?

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