Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Business Note

It is better to sell five sandwiches at a three dollar mark up then no sandwiches at a five dollar markup.
Keep it simple,
Don't confuse.
Don't abuse the price gun,
Always someone to undercut.
Don't fool yourself on value,
Keep your shit tight
Counters wiped,
Cash out of sight.
Value and values,
A little virtue may make the sale.
Stay stocked and fresh.
Take good advice.
Realize most rich got there by saving and slaving and hate to be ripped off. The poor will only buy expensive things if they think someone will notice.
Fads that lack form or function whither quick.
Any one who tells you they are giving you a good price, could give you a better one.
It is okay to reach out over the ledge and grab, if you stand on the wrong side of the ledge be prepared to take a fall.
People hate being stereotyped, I think you see what I did there.
Realize you are not an island, people can and will change if you are drastic in your own changes.
Smile. Wash your hands.

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