Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Bar high, bar low
The minute minute you realize
You should have went
Back at the bar.
Waiting sedated as
The subway comes to pass
Glasses full emptied
Into the system
One way tract.
Contemplating honestly,
Truth is the gift
Of the nothing left to lose
The omnipotent nothing
Middle path truth
An acceptance of existence
A beer strained youth.
A hunger of the not getting
Any younger
The thirst of the worst is coming
Humming as we hem and haw
Over the wars that have been
The struggles to come.
As the words flow I know
This is just a distraction
From something I should have done
Back then
Back when
Facilities were available to me.
I cannot get mad at you, there is only myself to blame...
I cannot allow myself to become my own obstruction.

We are kinetic beings, sitting on so much potential.


broke, but not broken.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you a poet
Or autobiographer?
To vain to be philosophical.
Stuck in your skin
Pen scratching words
With meaning limited
To the scrawler,
Deaf to the human condition
Holler echoed in every alley.
21st century sin
Single minded blinder trotting
Through the world,
Troughed what's been taught;
Omnipotent idiot narrator
Afraid to step out of his skin.
Born and bored
In a inherited reality,
Tech savvy and aware of
How quickly things are obsolete.

Business Note

It is better to sell five sandwiches at a three dollar mark up then no sandwiches at a five dollar markup.
Keep it simple,
Don't confuse.
Don't abuse the price gun,
Always someone to undercut.
Don't fool yourself on value,
Keep your shit tight
Counters wiped,
Cash out of sight.
Value and values,
A little virtue may make the sale.
Stay stocked and fresh.
Take good advice.
Realize most rich got there by saving and slaving and hate to be ripped off. The poor will only buy expensive things if they think someone will notice.
Fads that lack form or function whither quick.
Any one who tells you they are giving you a good price, could give you a better one.
It is okay to reach out over the ledge and grab, if you stand on the wrong side of the ledge be prepared to take a fall.
People hate being stereotyped, I think you see what I did there.
Realize you are not an island, people can and will change if you are drastic in your own changes.
Smile. Wash your hands.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Living is living up until the moment it ceases to be. Do not spend your life trying to identify the moment your subconscious awoke anymore then you can conceive your conception. To claim you spend your whole life dying is to end before you begin. Begin to live, death will be instant, no matter of the joys or suffering you may experience before hand. Accept death as an inevitable painless transition, as you will not be around to remember it. Then live.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Woke up with the sunrise
In Lucknow.
The paper and tea sellers
Call down the aisle.
A night of rest broken by the roar
Of snorers,
3 tier AC
Floating through India,
Surrounded by the smell
Of sweaty feet.
People brush against the curtain
Peek in to see;
Barge in searching for
The number of their seat,
Throw on the lights recklessly
While my baby tries to sleep.
In Lucknow our berth emptied out
I've come down from my perch,
To wish her sweet dreams.
Four more hours to journey,
But I'm much to tired to sleep.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I always get lifted
up to get
thrown down..
Which is sad..
your just mad
you can't match this.. .;
regardless of all your classes,
all your masses, and eyes
that consider you well
with dark glasses.. .
Your just mad cause
they smile with you
and none of them
care, or give a *
about the pain you
your a false witness..
Your mad cause you know in
my heart I don't give
a *.. and that
for someone like you
is rough.. When
you turn your back
and your friend says
Hi,.. let's how this
relationship according
to you will go bye..
Bye... . .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The meanings of time.

Goa adieu, hello Jaipur.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Play by play.

New day