Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday tomorrows

 I embark
On my journey 
To the East.
Temples of the ages,
Cathedrals of a different faith.
Vegetation and desolation,
Beyond anything I've seen.
A vacation from where I've always been.
The more I read ahead
The more vibrant and unrealistic my ideals seem.
Dreaming of paradise unspoiled by man, preparing for the rude awakening.
Preparing to be angry
At fellow tourists ignorance
Never fully comprehending my own.
Preparing to lash out like a cornered cat, hoping it doesn't come to that.
Preparing to be enthralled, then gradually annoyed by the noise.
I don't want to wear the color jade,
Want to taste the riches and leave the rest to spit, but even the sweetest dish, when allowed to gestate, turns to shit.
Tonight I take a vow
To bite off only what I can chew,
relax and let the world take me,
Not for a fool,
But for the soul I am.
I wish for a safe journey
For my family and I
Tomorrow is the beginning of
No one knows.

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