Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rent due

Rent collector
Breaking legs,
Says "Disabled,
You'll be more able bodied to beg."
Wrapped in cloth
Yesterday's duds
Today's rags.
Stained with puddle jumping
Alley humping ways,
A waste of talent
Wasting away.
Black eyes that don't wash away.
The minds fortress
crumbling to decay
A shell of a man
Sounds like the ocean
Sweat stained salt water delirious.
All the bridges burned,
Ashes flowing down troubled waters.
Was my own messiah
Till I began to let me down,
Blaspheming cause I don't believe in me.
Waiting for my second coming,
To turn another buck
And hope he doesn't beat me.
Sitting here waiting
In a rickety old chair
Swaying to stay warm
With the water edging in
Ever closer to my shelter.
I tell myself I had no choice
But it is clear I did,
I could have obeyed
Instead of baying like an angry dog
Biting every hand that tried to save.
Now a slave of the street
A cruel bitch who never listens
Cold sidewalk
Reflecting puddle broken
By dark leather shoes
I look up and he looks into me.
"Do you got my fuckin rent yet boy?"
Another kick to my shattered leg
To my battered ego,
"Try harder you useless piece of shit, don't make me tell your mother all the trouble you've put me through."
"yes sir, sorry sir" sniveling at my fathers feet.

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