Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The closer I get
To wetting my feet
In the Indian ocean
In the Ganges,
Heart beats faster.
Am I prepared to face the dare
A big white face
In a land of corrupt brown cops.
My only shield
The Canadian shield,
And a damsel for when I'm distressed.
Busy plotting planes on a plain
An environment full of variables
A world away.
Coming off the fence
Hit ground running,
Broken ankles or break into song
Two weeks and a bit
To get my shit in order
Needles and visas
Body follows the mind
Need to unbind it from the grip of fear and clear it
To the fact
I have a return flight.
A step out of the winter
Not a leap from my real life.
Days of travel to unravel
The cramped mind.
Days of travel cramped in the upright position
Preparing for takeoff.

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