Thursday, December 1, 2011

To a friend on Deportation Day

We'll be singing
Loud enough to wake the dead
Laughing so hard
Coma patients will lose sleep.
When we meet again
Somewhere, somehow
We will forget today's farewell.

A spinning world
On the verge of catastrophe
A sinking feeling
They've taken my friend from me.
An end of beginnings that never came to be.
They can take my friend
But never our friendship from me.

I want to cry,
I want to drink,
Slink away from my feelings
Sink to the bottom,
Hold my breath.
But I float like the snow flakes
You hoped to avoid
As you drive to the airport
Afraid to fly
But resigned to your fate.

The sickness envelops me,
A night of feverish dreams
Broken by waking in sweat,
checking the clock
Wishing it was over
Wishing it would never end.

Spouting cliche
Hiding what the heart longs to say.
I can't beg you to stay,
I know this is for the best
And you have no choice anyways.

Good bye señor
Goodbye Junior
Fare well Bledar
May your path be lined with gold,
May you find the happiness
You deserve.


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