Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glance to a stare.

Back where it all began,
Neither of us knowing,
To think it started with a glance
And a quiet humble request
For green tea.

Back to the days 
Of me preparing for work
With a green tea, some granola,
And a pair of cigarettes.
Cute Asian girl with big brown eyes. 
Swear she takes out the trash
And goes on break 
Every time I arrive.

She tells me of
Her club filled weekend
Shilling drinks for the guverment,
Talks about crazy cousin; her new apartment.
I drink my tea obliviously.

The day she came to my work,
The day she bought me chocolate cake, I saw friendship,
No more.
No idea the elephant in the room and the lamb at the door.
No idea what lay in store.
The day I invited her out, and fell asleep at the movie.
Her housewarming party, I started to wonder if I was more than company. 
A raffle where I knew I had found a prize; the awkward goodbye.

Four years later
I still realize
How blessed in the mess of a world
One can be, 
That of all the coffee shops
In all the world, 
Here, she met me
And we walk now 
To endevour the aisle,
To endevour life's trials and tribulations together.

To think it started
With a glance,
Was sealed with a kiss,
And has brought me such bliss.

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Dio Astro said...

absolutely touching..