Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dead Organism

We boys,
When will we men be?
Accept the flaws in chemistry?
A new clear dawn for a humane society.

You girls,
With your violet eyes,
Spinning lies to protect bad guys.
Where have all your daddies gone?
When will you ever learn?

Lovers drift
Shifting on winds of environment.
Sentiment to sediment blowing, wearing rock thin.
Gun barrel cob webs from the
Eight legs perspective.
The next act of passion
May ruin more then a home.

We girls
Asking for a change
Walking away, hard to let you go
Harder, trapped, stuck in your mind till you find something better.

You boys
With your fantasies of first and forever, afraid to chance before 40
Finding a next girl, afraid to know some girl may get you better.

Respect the X
Walk, Walk
Mumble to yourself
It's good for your health son,
Bleed it on a juice soaked page.
Respect yourself
Find something new
Lay your hips into
New perspectives and points of view,
Just be honest, true to you, and the fruits of your labour will astonish you.

"take a step out of yourself, then ya turn around, take a look at what you are, it's pretty scary." -Nirvana

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