Friday, September 2, 2011


The hair today was tinkly...

Normally it's bald like Alec Baldwin...
But who am I to be, to want this
particular lean cuisine..
I thought I might've been a terrorist
attacking that zone, with a certain type
of animal ferociousness..

I don't casually write, like casually
drinking a dollar 25 Poland Spring..
Possible Canadian off-springs.

You wear your sunglasses to hide
the wrinkles on your face..

I guess if you were in Brazil
you'd have Brazilian tears...
I might've listened to a
few songs from Tears for Fears..
I got tears for years, if I was doing
what you were doing, I might notice
my flesh tear a little.. American Bald Eagle..
but your possibly French-Canadian.. States soil..
Your body gets wet, you soil..
At least thats what some doctors
consider it.. Soil..
Ferment it with gadgets this soil,.
I got orange seeds. You got apple seeds.
I thought watermelon
sounds like another one too...
While you secretly tell me: what's beneath the
inside of these walls..
I casually write contemporary type for these halls...


j.monkman. said...

nice wrap up, well put my friend.

Dio Astro said...

well thank you very much kind sir..