Friday, September 30, 2011

Space invaders

Because you’re insane,

It must cause you pain,

To shout till you’re red,

And everyone’s blue,

And you can’t understand

Why they can’t stand you.

Because you’re insane,

It’s not you that’s to blame,

When your mind aims to maim,

I think it’s a shame,

Cos I’m perfectly sane,

In the same world as you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

No Problem @ All

Well..Guess what...
When I'm alone,
sometimes, parts of
me decide to cry,
expulsing pieces of me
that like opalescent
soldiers march, and well,
these puzzles pieces are
meant to die;
After 2 weeks they say
* it, I'm gonna leave this
all behind; Well from a tube
I watch bodies bare knuckle
a ball or two; a shaft or five...
Things smacking, someone
"Oh yeah! Right there, is fine!"
But quite frankly this problem,
which seems to be no problem
is fine; Cause the only bacteria
I might catch is some kind of
bening monophyly clade...

Monday, September 19, 2011

When technology

It catches up to art and you can part into pixels every fickle speck
Recall all you felt pelted down
Curse pursed lips and pursuits more trivial then vain
Training eyes to realize the real is compromised by the thin guise we hide behind
Found in a shroud
found out an brought to life
One click whiz bang flip
Another to discover under another cover
Friend of freedom and deceiver of lovers
Dreamer redeemed unesteemed out of steam
Growing older.
It is out there for you, I sit dormant in me.

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Your biggest pleasure, your deepest pain,

Everything you lose, everything you gain,

And all the hopes and dreams you bleed,

All the things you think you need,

Every pursuit you ached to get,

Are all the moments you regret,

Every time life made you retch,

Every muscle you built to stretch,

Everything that made you lust,

On translucent skin spurt, left to crust,

And everything that felt surreal,

The highs you’re not supposed to feel,

The times you beat her black and blue,

And when she says she still loves you,

Your crushing blows your awful lows;

She wears her makeup, no one knows.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost in spool
Ina pool
In a haze dazed
Days on end freind
Spinning and spinning whirpool sucking
It in each breath
Bereft and going to depths stepping
Down the spiral staircase to the laboratory
Where all the gory mixed emotions are plastered like page three girls on an gordies dorm wall, too young to know better to secure to let go
Thrown around drowning in the clowning around no real purpose bloated ego porpoise and you propose I go with the flow
But I'm choking smoking my cigarette down to the finger tips burning my throat and my eyes and my lips the ships float so freely above and I am looked strait in the eye by a hurricane
Surrounded by the things that change strange to be in the center of it all and so far from safe, shielded by horseshoes and northstars and fate and the rate of decline seems the rate of relapse
Clasping to things I should know better then grasp,
Fruit forbidden hidden in dark corners of the nether sphere never worry or wonder just blunder unclear worlds of wearisome worries like life is rushing gushing and I'm in a hurry to spill spoil all the engaged turmoil and soil another kb with the questions and quest built inside of me. Swimming in circles endlessaimless L E

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Shook off the surface skaters,

Life fakers, split makers, heady high heartbreakers.

Followed the heavy moon round, mothed a shadowed light shroud,

Sky slipped through bottle sips, mind trips, ashy smokey fingertips.

Hard fought, whipped, sharp hipped, swollen lipped,

Raw stripped;

Found; unbound.

Friday, September 2, 2011


The hair today was tinkly...

Normally it's bald like Alec Baldwin...
But who am I to be, to want this
particular lean cuisine..
I thought I might've been a terrorist
attacking that zone, with a certain type
of animal ferociousness..

I don't casually write, like casually
drinking a dollar 25 Poland Spring..
Possible Canadian off-springs.

You wear your sunglasses to hide
the wrinkles on your face..

I guess if you were in Brazil
you'd have Brazilian tears...
I might've listened to a
few songs from Tears for Fears..
I got tears for years, if I was doing
what you were doing, I might notice
my flesh tear a little.. American Bald Eagle..
but your possibly French-Canadian.. States soil..
Your body gets wet, you soil..
At least thats what some doctors
consider it.. Soil..
Ferment it with gadgets this soil,.
I got orange seeds. You got apple seeds.
I thought watermelon
sounds like another one too...
While you secretly tell me: what's beneath the
inside of these walls..
I casually write contemporary type for these halls...