Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So we play telephone..
We play to the point where
the signals might even
cross... to the point where
I'm fading...
Still trying to understand
but probably never will. .
I don't have what you
have.. You certainly
don't have what I have..
It seems like I'm old
news.. Someone you could
use.. Maybe abuse a little..
Who knew you had
it in you..
Admit it.. I'm your
religious muse. When
God doesn't answer
you break my door
down wondering what
happened to the
spirit of your
religious views.....
Blame me for what's
wrong with the world...
Blame me for what's
wrong with how your
friends respond
to the text or
everything you
could swear was wrong
with this economy
or that CNN you miss on
your Tuesday news..

I guess leave it up to me
to save you and the world..
Leave it up to the ones
that 'might' could.
The ones that Listen
to everything from
your dog drooling
to your toilet paper
running out.. I'm sorry
certain things didn't work

Till then I'm game.
I'll hold the evil rifle
to shoot away all that
harms you. All that
bothers you. I'm not
even your boyfriend.
Why bother me?
It's because I could.
Because you knew I would.
because the bottle of
'Makers Mark' would
minimize the the hurt, my
hurt, from all that would.
*ck it. I'M your semi
Super-Man, who knew?
I do your everything...
your everything..
Your everything...

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