Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i want to make ninja babies with you

rosie: haha
super babies
roj babies
Sent at 6:25 PM on Wednesday
me: hahaha
heeee yahhh!
rosie: yeah
little ninja babies
Sent at 6:28 PM on Wednesday
me: mmmm little cutiecutes
rosie: i miss my weremonkey
me: awwww our own little roro

rosie: awww baby
i want you
Sent at 6:36 PM on Wednesday
me: i have you and you have me ' we have the veryy best family'' la la la
i want you too love
but i doubt you do at this moment since i sang a barney reference la la la

rosie: haha no its ok
id love you even if you were a weird purple dinosaur
me: hahahahah that is the coolest thing i have ever heard hahahah can i bleed the past two lines?

rosie: you can bleed
i love you

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Dio Astro said...

this is the sweetest' ever!!