Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Pressure drop
Your heart stops
Your ears pop
The power goes off
No where to begin so you stop.

Pale, panic grips you
As the windows pop
You hear the stomp
Of the hailstones pelting.
Helter skelter, run for the shelter
Hide from the wrath
As nature forces it's way
Hide from nature
And hope it doesn't find you
Bleeding in the corner of the basement
Hope it doesn't tear down
The walls.
A raised roof crumbles outside the window. A car alarm blares under the black sky littered with debris. The tree that offered shade exposes it roots.

Then silence, deafening, shattered by distant sirens drawing nearer.

The eerie calm, as the rain comes through the walls, washes the blood away.

A panic call hits jammed networks.

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