Thursday, July 14, 2011


Locked behind bones,
and muscle keyes,
Roped veins and capillaries,
Locked behind time,
and memories,
Broken dreams and spilling seed,

This is where you'll find me,
Hung and crushed in gravity,
Doing time,
Til time ends me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fish Fetus

Fish fetus
Baby mammal
Born in water,
We say we've evolved
But it's still getting hotter.

Gone past the point of sustainable
A future unobtainable,
The circumstance of obstinance
Chalk it up to circumstance
A white line in the sand
Pipe lines and the rip tide,

The gaping divide
Between us and the other side
A pride that won't give up.
Judge the peers with fear
Of judgement.

Blood borne grudges
Toxic sludges,
The slugs devour flower petals
As we devour slugs.
The bee stings for survival
Devoid of wrath.
We carve a wide path through the vegetation, build our walls and call it civilization,

Wondering on the television
The cause of our creation
Frustrated yet sedated by distraction,
The attraction of an Eden, an afterlife,
A chosen feeling.
Believing we can transcend this plain,
(On Venus we'll be fish again,
as on Mars, we were something more then we are.)
Be young and beautiful again.

The shark fin is above the water
We tread above sharp coral
The chorus is drowned out by the din of the drama.
The teeth glisten an unnatural white
Laughing with the tragedies irony
The signs were posted and we said,
"It won't happen to me."

We crossed the line
Through the crease
Greased the gear
Invented, repented, only to make the same mistakes again.
Drawn back to from whence we came,
A chemical bath.

Unquantifiable physics
The distance of a spiral from beginning to end, spinning farther out with every pass, coming into itself again.
A balance spread across infinity,
An ego crushing irrelevance.

A fish out of water
Waiting for the tide to pull us back in.

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