Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's a darker blue now but it's translucent, more like morning light,
It looked transparent to me slightly, and I was underneath.
The air here makes it wet to breath, flies die in your watery eyes, charcoal rimmed, blacked to the brim.
All of our conversations that didn't quite make sense;
'Thrust me out of my mind, realign my twisted spine, the sky is a diamond mine, shine shine.'
And I said I don't know why; I just did.
And pure bliss from a craving satisfied, year yearning quenched. Whole minutes passed by. Words floundered and cracked.
In this blue time of change you are unswung and wild in all this planned growth. In your light locked golden nights you scatter sleep through the blurred heat of daylight. How everyday melted into one,
You are everywhere, everywhere at once,
Aware only too well that whilst you occupy both places you surrender to being nowhere.
But you write in smudged circles and fail to contribute.
My drowned memories resurface gasping and swollen, and stuck in this muted bubble I burst a thousand minutes fat with our recorded lives.
My mind is an avalanch of words today that only buries meaning.

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