Friday, March 18, 2011

Wearing thin

Wearing thin
This guise.
Guided to the apex
Of compromise,
Suffer the poison
For the sweet effect,
Rejecting the future
While building towards it.
Cashing pension cheques I'll never see,
A damned chapter of society,
Raised on vice and sugar,
Gluttoness, lecherous, laugh it off
The winning are self involved,
The losing are losing it all,
To prepare for the moment
When the winners fall.
And the new baby crawls
Toward a fate
Of broken glass
In this world
Where our mirrored empires
Will collapse,
When the world drifts by on the tide,
The liar of today
Will be scorned for his truth,
witch hunters burned,
The breast emblazoned with instinct again.
All this will be pointless as ever
Futility of the feudal masses
Cramped in a corner craving exemption
From the effect of their cause.
The sun has set a little later today
smell of a winter wasting away
garbage surfaces in fresh decay.
The gold drops in
In the shape of a grin
reminds me
It will all be okay.

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