Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Call

Running through wires
Killing left and right
Semtex Uzi and a knife
Silent in my room
Killing you
A thousand miles away.
Then you sneak up and lace me with lead
Or I fall for your cruel claymore again.
I pass hours
In ten minute increments,
Reincarnated with a need for revenge.
Rising in ranks
Building my options,
Breaking a sweat sitting still.
Full filling a duty
In an electric society.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

To a light grey soul

No black aura
No white
Shades of varied grey
Till we pass away
And our aura
All we leave behind.
Look for the light in the blackest soul
The spoiled child who became a rancid man,
Forgive him for he,
As we all are,
Was a victim of his poison environment.
Though a willing participant
In the pain of others,
He had friends and lovers too,
Deranged and estranged
He had a mother whom he nursed on
The hearse now on it's way.
Forgive him
Become a lighter shade of grey,
Be thankful the darkness has passed
See the light of day,
It will dawn on you,
Compassion will set you free
From the dark aura
You can't forget,
Only forgive for your own sake.

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