Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Just Desert.

Kissed a scorpion
Got stung
Threw me off balance
When I was young,
Stranger maimed me
Then took flight,
Left me blue
In the cold dark night.
The scorpion hunted me
Through the book of faces,
A tail of regret,
A dream of redemption,
Seems I had made an impression
To be turned to in depression.
Made the one,
Post partum,
To fill a broken hearts lesion.
But I am not the one,
Just another life lesson.

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Here in the beauty of fall
I thank you all
As I lay my head to rest
I count myself blessed.
To have lived and laughed
To have loved and lusted
To have been able to trust
And in turn be trusted.
And as I see the sands of time
Poor out the broken glass,
Though I sometimes failed
I gave my best.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Max? Who's Max?

At work, some people call me Max.
That's right, Max.
And I do Max it out..
I just go with it.

"Alright, thanks again, Max!"

"You're the best Max"

"Max, well you see.."

"Take care Max, bye bye."

it's funny, but fucked up.

I love bleed poetry.

Heaven sent.

Toes at the edge,
grit, gripping,
playfully wiggling. . . singing.
Somehow. . .
Randomly get this feeling.
Dialing out,
to your Queenie.
Adrenialine junkie,
all fixed up,
suit n' bracket, slash tactics,
feathers and straight jackets.
Papermache my way.
Ask me to stay?
Spread felt near.
When will I see her?
To feast upon your eyes,
is heaven sent my dear.

As you can hear,
my heart,
loud and clear.

xxx xxx xxx x xx x

Justin Bieber likes bleed poetry and you should too.

Monday, October 18, 2010


In the brisk autumn air
I stare at the pavement
Hang my head in shame
Blamed for my entertainment.
I kissed another girl
So it would seem
By the warmth
The lack thereof
Of her shoulder.
Shunned and too stunned
In the tingling leisure
To fight with my treasure
Over something I've done.
It is a pain that my girl
Gets jealous of Mary Jane.
I love her
But sometimes I like to burn
And for this I am scalded, scolded
Beholding a night pushed away
From her light,
Beholding the grey pavement
On a crisp autumn morning.

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How the taste sting memory evoked by this wine,
Strikes a note, rings a bell, reverberates down my spine,
And oh how the slice shaped cut in the corner of my mouth,
Makes me realise how often I smile to myself,
Down deep beneath the skin I’m shrouded within,
Split ripped wide open and ready to begin; wet blood pumping,
Pulsing memories like rivers like veins, like roots twisting back to him,
And oh how the spilt taste- sting red flow of this wine,
Is the taste of his mouth on my mouth, when mine,
Is it easier to smile broken from memories underskin?
Or easier to be sealed, twisted closed tighter,
Emptier but lighter?
Let me know.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Love you baby, buggy bumpers.

To mornings that unfold to every beat of your drum.
You are my rhythm, my music; my love.
Ray light trickles in,
to greet you like a soft kiss.
If words could better depict the truth for what it is...
I believe you call apon the sunshine,
the devine.
Everlasting; forever yours.

Your hubby,


Love you baby, buggy bumpers...


Oh you.

Oh you
I get drunk off your perfume
Oh you
I see your face in the shining moon
Oh you
You make my life complete
So won't you please
Make love to me.

Oh you
You are my rising sun
Warm and bright
Make me feel alright.
Oh you
You are my rest
when the day is done
You're my best freind
You know I'll never run.

I love you
Wont you make love to me
In your arms
My heart feels free
Oh you
How splendid life could be,
If you would make love to me.

This tender heart
Is on the line
Been strung out
To many times
If you walk away now
It would surely break
Just thinking about it
I begin to ache.

So wont you
Throw down your arms
Dont write me off as merely charm
I want you
Please dont say no,
If you do
I dont know where I'll go.

Oh you
This is my ode to you
My song of praise
To all you do to me.
I'm fulfilled
You've instilled this song in me
Whistling in time with your heart beating.

Oh you,
How i love you
Wont you come lay next to me
Let me fill your blood
With dopamine ecstasy
Feel the twitch in your muscles
Writhing under me
Hear your voice fade to
A soft moan

Oh you
Oh you
Oh oh.