Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Soul slips
Slow decay
Drifting away
A time to work without play
Strangle grip.
A tired resolve
Riddle unsolved
Whether it is nobler to stay.
Broken and soft spoken
In a foreign place
Never fitting
Unfit and failing fast.
These dead trees
Coped into corners
Nailed and glued.
Driving endlessly on edge
Divided constantly
Between fists of glory
And a waining heart
A lack luster pump
A hunch hitting hurdles
Girdled, grilled and drifting.

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1 comment:

Dio Astro said...

Above a pedestal we lifted
to another day thanking ourselves
cause sometimes we believe we're
truly gifted..
I thank my friends to the
blessings they themselves
have taught and split
life like food they gave
possibly all blitz'tiid..

yoOo dope E!!