Thursday, May 13, 2010


I must confess

That I'm distressed

To be so blessed

Yet in duress.

All I want is a humble nest

Where I can rest

My aching breast

Without the pest

Of passing tests.

Loathing myself in your caress

Knowing I'm to stressed

To give you my best,

Knowing the opportunity I've missed

And the mess I must digest.

In my own body I feel a guest,

Uncomfortable uncleanliness,

Understandable awkwardness,

As I try to understand the cause

Of this uneasiness.

Bantering the babble

Within my head

Sorting through rubble

Finding no dead

A burst bubble

And my eyes are red.

Unnerving to feel so undeserving.

Served notice,

Severed ties and I can't lie

I'm hurting.

My words blurting like blood squirting

Fresh hot from my soul to the page.

Enraged slightly

Imprisoned politely

To a cage of my own design

And right now i'm not feeling fine

Knowing not where to draw a line

Between civility and believability

A rotten rhythm in me

As I beat myself,

Torture myself unwillingly.


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