Sunday, April 4, 2010

on the inside out.

a girl passed by,

once, twice, three times it be.

along side her,

an Ed Hardy plastic bit,

( how and why do we breed people like this into our society,

and what is their real functionality, come on.. really? )

chewing for a stare,

sorry doll,

just because I don't respond,

doesn't mean your not there.

you huff, ( ha, save it. )

( stare for a glare... frozen now? )

I see.. the real you,

on the inside out.

Just plain ugly.

Make up, and blonde...

( you called it. )

oh, and a boyfriend with a rapist wit,

and bad coke habit.


a functioning human being spawns,

an intellectual conversation,

after body language starts.

And it's not like I'm say there was sparks..

your just a digestive muse.

you.. grunt?


Butt sounds verbally?

Good for you.

And I feel sorry for you,

and for that..

I wish you're blessed upon,

with the birth of thousand retards.

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