Monday, March 29, 2010

from the bottom.

of my heart,
thank you.
You keep me going.
Just for those kids that call in,
through escapism of the mundane.
To hear the stir of echos in the background,
violent and muffled,
to listen to the joy and enthusiasm this connection brings to this child.
knowledge! Drive!
I must keep going,
to keep strong,
to be that pulse,
keeping that boy alive.

Once again brother,
thank you for keeping strong,
to keep that child alive and full of imagination,
and it's beautiful wonders.

You are an angel.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

mentally, i'm visually pleased.

spark a career,

in a autistic daze.

coined phrase,

a play on innocence.

stetching it out,

on many levels,

just like that day.

i didn't want to say,

but knew it to be true.

i didn't want to hurt you,

but it was the only way,

i could truly give you everything.

and in the now,

too see past the glitches,

the stitches,


and bath bleaches.

leaving a thick stain on my soul.

through silent screams,

an unexplained muse of pain,

towering over buildings,

cut the dead air down,


fading away,

only to return,

to truly see,

the circle is almost complete.

and what a pretty little picture it is.

In the year of revised 80's theme and pseudo pastel colours, and yet still repressed from the 90's (2004 yep), I helped a best friend at the time with a demo reel. While conducting the catch phrase tidbits, I strung out on paper the next 6 years of my life. Scary but true, I still have the images burnt into the back of my brain.

I didn't think about the precursor until two minutes ago when I realized that my life was completely in lined. From my work line up, to health problems, to social interactions, all the way into my current situation and work status.

Funny to think about really, I went into my storage area to search for the illustration, but with no luck, it was no where to be found.

( Believe it, if I find it I will post it, and if you know me, it makes perfect sense all too well. )

So, tangle me in telephone wires.

Because deep down inside,

I know that this is only the beginning.

And you know it too.

( it's a funny to think about, but it's only when death knocks on your door, that you truly start to live... so, bring it. )

current mood... happy as fuck.