Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nipped and Tucked

Needle laden dead face
Don't look surprised
All your flesh rotten meat
Full of toxins that can't degrade
You'll never fade you beauty queen.
A pile of shit no matter how well plastered, basterdized reality.
Shooting up knocked dead,
Blazing lights of your side show
Making Porno suitors pleasure
A pleasure to get away from
A treasure to your exes.

Laid out, ripped open
Bare rotten flesh
Bloody scars and black eyes
Your so fine it will pay for itself
As you splay yourself for another dime,
The infection seeps in and you creep into new dimensions everytime
A manic manniquen melting the mold
A mental patient with enough money
To destroy yourself with skilled hands
Hiding in the coccoon for the wounds to heal.

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