Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sometimes we must rewind

Sometimes we must rewind
Find what's in our mind
And design a reality around that. Sometimes we play mice to fat cats
Riddled with questions
About how to pursue the dreams
How to puruse the scheme
Which leads to the seemless beaming lights
That hold tight
And never let go,
But in this shaking trance
It's hard to hold on even with the feelings
So strong
Knowing I stand in the wrong
With no right
To celebrate the delight of life
All the strife I feel
Is mine and appealing
Till I get that old apoligic feeling
Apoligies I learned kneeling in the church
To sin and beg forgivness
The easiest way out
To forgive humanity
Worked since we begat time
When we could put words to prime
A clunky robots gears
With blood and love and fear.
All we hold dear drifts away
Till we are the sand through the hour glass figure
Sugar on a wet teaspoon
Disolving, yet to be enjoyed
Bouyed but guiding ships
In the right direction.

One day I'll be home

So inconsistent falling down
Till I feel my place safe and sound
I frown at all the times I let you down
Rather then make any sound
That might bring you down.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

To an old freind

It hurts to say goodbye to you
Knowing it's the last time,
Knowing you won't remember anyhow.
The times we sat together
Talking for hours
About nothing at all.
You would ask me if I'm happy,
I'd say yes,
And you'd tell me
That's the most important thing.
I wondered if you were happy
And you'd simply reply
You couldn't complain.
You'd listen to the radio
Sitting in your recliner day after day
Listening to the obituaries to see
If you'd passed away.
And as I sit and think about it
I know tomorrow you'll be sad
To realize you are gone.
It's your time.
You worked so hard all those years
And now you can finally rest.
I'll miss you Opa.
As leaves fall,
Leading to winters of discontent
I know the bulbs you planted will bloom,
And your legacy will be the flowers.

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