Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wake up

Early morning
Out of bed
Skip the shower
Finger comb
Sit alone eating boiled eggs
Drinking tea of the waste water
Knowing today
Is just a repeat of tomorrows
Stuggle to keep eyes open
Fighting the demon
That says go back to bed
Stiff neck, sore shoulders
Cigerette throat
And a banana
I head out the door.

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Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm thankful
For your time
Listening to me rhyme at rhythm
Lacking the percision
Of the cultured pearl
Which is but fodder for swine.
I'm thankful for the food on which I dine,
My freinds and all our times together,
The weather when it's nice
And the spice of life.
I'm thankful I have tomorrow off
I fickin need it.
And I'm thankful for all the
Fucked up shit in my head
And that I have a place to bleed it.
And I'm thankful for you
That you care enough to read it.

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