Thursday, September 10, 2009

we're connected.

i had a dream of you 2 months ago, started searching, 
through this wet coloured acid like dreamstate. deeper, and deeper; adumbrant inner thoughts.
everything was in dark blues, and greens. the landscape was filled with dry trees. the sand like ground was chalk like and swirling.  
then woke up for a split second, to see my room. softly closing my eyes,  i began to view pin up blank letter sized papers, 
all in proper distance... blowing in the wind. violently pulling me back into the vast landscape, directly face first into you, you float as if you were submerged, and as soon as that happened, you whispered, we're connected. and i sprung up out of bed. all distorted, questioning inside, tearing the dream apart for answers. still scarred.
strung out, me o my in my can of worms. still strung out, and

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