Thursday, September 24, 2009

Run down for a reason

Feel the season change
The wind blows
And I know
I'm rundown for a reason,
Putting a little sweat in to grease the
Cogs on the clock of tomorrow,
Doing time in an exausted state
For the elation of the end result.

Been on easy streets to long
Skipping merrily by on smiles
And now
Still smiling
I am pushed to the limit of my resources
But it is not discourse I feel
Just the regret that I can't keep up
With the social world
In this box I have framed
Making new freinds I don't have time to drink with,
Old freinds I haven't seen in months,
And may not for years.

Please be patient with me,
On the other end
I'll be a better friend.

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